CDT Research with us – what to expect

The EPSRC and ESRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantification and Management of Risk & Uncertainty in Complex Systems & Environments (CDT) provides a unique opportunity in the UK (and possibly in the world) for training PhDs who are able to communicate across the boundaries of the old disciplines of engineering, mathematics, economics, the environmental sciences and psychology. Those trained in this way will be able not only to enumerate the risks associated with a particular activity or process, but also to express clearly the meaning of the risk to the general public and decision makers. They will be able to cross the divide between mathematical intricacy and explanation in common language.

4 year programme

The CDT comprises a one-year MRes qualification, leading into 3 years of PhD study.  The MRes includes specific taught modules in risk and uncertainty, optional modules chosen by the student and their supervisors to suit their CDT project and an ongoing research project to build on throughout the rest of the PhD.  During years 2-4, CDT students will take two industrial placements each of between 3 to 6 months duration, linked to their particular area of research investigation.  More information on the MRes qualification can be found here.


The Institute for Risk and Uncertainty and CDT offices are located on the University of Liverpool campus.  Having our CDT students and staff in the same offices creates a sense of community and collaborative environment.  Help is always nearby.

Students and staff of the CDT work closely together in newly re-vitalized modern offices.


One of the Institute’s key products is the general purpose software COSSAN-X for uncertainty and risk quantification. The software provides state-of-the-art simulation techniques as well as robust and reliable product life-cycle solutions, efficient and realistic analysis and optimisation solutions. Find out more


The University’s Virtual Engineering Centre, in partnership with the Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, has a unique approach to developing and integrating Virtual Engineering (VE) technology innovations across the product life-cycle to deliver powerful solutions to business and research organisations. Combining in-house and partner expertise with emerging technologies, the Virtual Engineering Centre is the only centre of its kind which fully supports and delivers accelerated development of new products, technologies and processes across the product life-cycle, reducing risk, maximising efficiency and sustainability. Find out more

Hydra foundation

The Hydra foundation, in partnership with the Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, offer a state-of-the-art Immersive Simulation System to allow teams to practice and improve decision making, communication and leadership skills in an environment that replicates the complexities of real critical incidents. Find out more

International Conferences

CDT students are encouraged to attend relevant academic workshops and conferences to find out more about the community surrounding their topic, learn about new approaches to problems and to present their own research.  Students will also take part in conferences hosted by the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty in Liverpool; in the recent past we hosted IPW2015 and ICVRAM & ISUMA 2014.

Conference event photos from IPW2015.  More on the IRU Flickr page